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Landscaping Services Brisbane

Garden Makers is proud to offer the following services:

Retaining Walls / Retainer Walls

  • Boulder Walls
    • Sandstone Boulder Rock
    • Porphyry Rock
    • Granite Rock
    • Bushrock
  • Stone Pitched Walls
    • Sandstone
    • Blue Stone / Basalt
    • Granite
  • Timber Walls
    • Treated Kopper Log
    • Treated Pine Sleeper
    • Treated Hardwood Sleeper
  • Manufactured
    • Link Block Walls

Bobcat Hire

Garden Lighting

12 volt garden lighting to enhance your newly constructed landscape to enjoy 24 hours a day.


  • Completed using machinery where possible to suit the size of land and accessibility

Garden Construction

  • Edging
    • Paver & brick edging
    • Sandstone, bushrock or granite rock edging
    • Treated timber edging
  • Planting
    • Plant variety is plentiful - personal preference, theme, budget and water conservation are all taken into consideration
  • Feature Gardens
    • Feature gardens can add a highlight or focal point to enhance your landscape

Timber Decking


  • Surface drainage
  • Sub-surface drainage


  • All types of foundations suited to application of paving (i.e. driveway, path, patio, pool surrounds)
  • There is a variety of paver styles, colours and sizes available, we can help with this selection to suit the area to be paved

Irrigation Systems

Manual and automatic systems installed depending on the budget you choose. Systems can be used to irrigate gardens and / or turf.

Types of sprinklers and materials are chosen depending on the application and size of area to be irrigated.

Connections to rainwater tanks or town water mains where legal.

Rainwater Tank Installation

Water tanks can be supplied by either us or the Client.

Foundations for tanks are as per manufacturers specifications.

Timber Fencing


Water Features

Pre-fabricated water features installed or water features designed and constructed by us.


Using the latest turf varieties available on the market turf is selected to suit traffic conditions and sun exposure.

A new sub-soil foundation is used where required to improve soil condition prior to turfing with initial water and roll carried out on completion.

Complete landscape service